Over 25 years ago, North Bay Bavarian became one of the first BMW specialty service shops in the Santa Rosa area. There’s a reason our shop is still the foremost Bavarian service shop in the area–our professionalism and know-how. Many clients ask us what Bavarian Service means. Bavarian Service from North Bay Bavarian is our way of providing the same high-end service you would find in a Bavarian Motor Works factory.

Get To Know Us!

Here are some things you should know about the founder, Rick Row, and his expert staff:

  • Rick discovered his passion for repairing BMWs in 1979.

  • As a mechanic, Rick completed the BMW factory, Bosch, and ASE trainings in 1987.

  • Our staff’s main focus is on thoroughness, perfection, and customer service.

  • Rick personally oversees all projects that come through North Bay Bavarian’s facility doors.

  • Rick spearheads the service and repairs on more challenging projects.

  • Rick and staff can fix vehicles that the dealer will turn away.

  • Our experts can conduct anything from minor performance modifications to full race car preparation.

North Bay Bavarian has the know-how to perform service and repairs that other shops cannot. We fully believe that the ultimate driving machine and its Mini counterpart require the ultimate service. You’ll find that here at North Bay Bavarian.

Fun BMW Facts

For all of us who love our BMWs, here are some interesting factoids you may find interesting:

  • BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke, or in English, Bavarian Motor Works.

  • The BMW Logo symbolizes 2 things:  The Roundel logo stems from the days of its aircraft heritage, and symbolizes a spinning propeller. The blue and white fields on the Roundel logo represent the colors from the Bavarian flag, the state of Germany where BMW is headquartered.

  • The BMW 303, a middle sized sedan produced by BMW in 1933 and 1934, was the first BMW to use the ‘kidney grill’ which today is a hallmark design feature on most models.

  • The first BMW ‘series’ was the 5-series, released in 1972.

  • Every April Fool’s Day in the UK, BMW’s marketing team publishes humorous advertisements meant to poke fun at the brand.

  • If you’re a BMW fan, you know that all BMW cars have codes – E21, E30, E36, E39, E32, E12…  The “E” stands for Entwicklung, which means “development” in English. It’s speculated BMW switched to the F code on the new 7-series because they ran out of E-numbers.

  • The BMW 700 was a direct competitor to the VW Beetle.  Both had a rear-mounted boxer engine, rear wheel drive, and air cooling capabilities.

  • The first car made by BMW was the BMW Dixi. BMW bought the Automobilwerk Eisenach in 1928 and, with it, the rights to build the Dixi car. Soon after, they dropped the Dixi name.