Rick opened North Bay Bavarian in 1987. The shop is his life’s work and family business

  • Completed the BMW factory, Bosch, and ASE training
  • Began working as a mechanic in the mid-70’s at Santa Rosa Mazda and Toyota dealerships
  • Discovered a love for BMWs in 1979 and never looked back
  • Main focus at NBB is lead by example: focuses the shop on thoroughness, perfection, and customer service
  • Rick oversees all work that comes through the shop, but can’t resist getting involved when a challenging project comes in
Rick’s Advice:

BMWs and Mini Coopers are outstanding precision vehicles. They’re designed to be driven. You depend on your car to get you where you need to be. That means you have to maintain it properly. We’re here to make sure you have a vehicle you can always depend on.



Matthew grew up in the shop. He’s a son of the owner, Rick.

  • As a kid – worked in the shop after school and during summers.
  • Became a full-time employee in 2001 and underwent formal apprenticeship training to learn everything from parts management and customer service to complete vehicle care and performance tuning.
  • Specially certified in the high-tech computer systems in today’s BMWs:
    • diagnosing and repairing BMW engine management systems
    • diagnosing and repairing BMW electronics and coding and programming BMW control modules.
Matthew’s Advice:

I think that people take for granted being able to jump in their car and go somewhere and not having to worry about breaking down, not making it.

But cars don’t just run perfectly on their own. You need service and maintenance. That’s why we’re here. So your car won’t break down. And you won’t even have to worry about it.


Shop Foreman

Logan purchased his first BMW at 16 and decided to make BMWs his career.

  • Began working in his uncle’s Petaluma repair shop as a kid.
  • Graduated from UTI in Pheonix with a 4.0 in automotive repair.
  • FORD electronics training program and Hot-Rod University.
  • Seminars on BMW engine management, suspension design and theory, and extensive training on electronic diagnostics and network diagnostics.
  • With NBB since 2003 specializes in diagnostics and after-market upgrades (making cars go faster!)
Logan’s Advice:

We’re not a shop to waste your money. I’ll often advise that a customer prioritizes repairs—get the most imperative work done now, and then get the maintenance work done with your next oil change. We aim to keep our customers’ BMWs running perfectly. But we also try to save them some time and money and get better use out of their hard-earned cash.



Evodio grew up in the car service business.

  • Began working in his dad’s tire shop and working as a mechanic in 2004.
  • Started as a technician’s assistant at NBB in 2006, and received hands-on training by our professional technicians.
  • Especially likes working on suspension, transmission, brakes, tires; the issues where the customer has a noticeable problem, and a noticeable improvement!
Evoidio’s Advice

On newer BMWs, don’t wait for the 15,000-mile service light to go on before you change the engine oil. It’s best for the engine to do it every 5,000 miles.


Parts Manager

James began working in the parts department in January of 2010. He’s also a son of the owner, Rick.

  • Has owned BMW’s an E30 M3 and now an E30 325is.
  • Grew up around the shop and the workings of the business.
  • Restored two mid 60’s Chevrolet Novas before turning 18.
  • Learned much of his knowledge of cars from his dad Rick and brother Matthew
James’ Advice

Many customers think they have to go directly to the dealer for OEM parts like keys and interior pieces, but we can special order the same parts directly from BMW at competitive pricing.



Bryce began working for North Bay right out of high school.

  • Learned the trade from our current technicians.
  • Has attended numerous BMW tech classes.
  • You can find Bryce at the race track on race weekends. He loves tuning his own BMW.
  • The youngest of the technicians, but has a bright future in the industry.
Bryce’s Advice

Every time you have your car serviced at NBB, we check numerous items that are out of sight and out of mind. Always rest easy knowing that we do quality work and inspect your car like it was our own.




Team Member Advice





Team Member Advice